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Considered as one of the cradles of Human civilization, India is a country with a golden past, a vibrating future and a very brilliant future. With a plethora of flavours, India is rightly called the Land of Unity in Diversity. Right from time immemorial, India has added to itself the wealth of culture, tradition, knowledge and wisdom. Going down the annals of History, one finds that from time to time India has contributed to the growth of civilization and mankind. From distinguished poets to celebrated musicians, divine saints to inquisitive philosophers, inventive scientists to exalted thinkers, the contribution of India to human development is paramount. Through its scripture, its philosophy, its culture and its values, India has always been a positive influence on the world.Being the oldest existing civilization of the world, India is a repository of knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, that has been accumulated over the ages. From the time of Rig Veda, which was written nearly 5000 years ago till now, the journey of Indian civilization through changing times have been marked by pursuits and achievements. It is the inherent strength of Indian civilization, based on principles of tolerance, secularism, inclusion and forward-thinking that has led the civilisation to survive and thrive, when others have perished and lost in the maze of time. Indian culture is a beautiful merging of both the old and new. Because of liberal disposition, India has always embraced the positives of anything newly introduced to it. Nevertheless, the country has always revered its rich tradition and culture and kept it alive over changing times. Drawing on the strengths of its glorious past, and adding to it the constructive features of modernity, India has put in place one of the most robust cultures of present era.Today, India is emerging as a superpower- both economic and cultural, with great strides being made in social and economic spheres.

The parliamentary form of democratic government has ensured that liberal impressions can find their space, which has further fuelled egalitarian culture in the country. Being the largest democracy, with a history of unmatched political stability, India is poised for great heights in the present century. The economy is booming as one of the fastest in the whole world, and that has further ensured greater good for the country on various fronts like education, health care and physical development. Being home to ancient universities like Nalanda, Takshashila and Vikramshila, where students come from far and wide thousands of year ago, it is no wonder that India has a strong tradition of quality learning. Today, the country is being tipped as the educational hub of the world. With a large army of graduates, the country also produces the highest number of technically qualified students in the whole world. Indian doctors and computer professionals have made India a brand of excellence with their skills, intelligence and feats. The whole phenomenon has a chain reaction effect, and new chapters of success are being written in the field of academic brilliance.

The country has made tremendous progress in the post independence era in the field of education. Successive regimes have reinforced the image of the country as a quality education hub with their progressive education related policies and course of action in this regard. A large number of universities, colleges, training and research institutes have been opened all across the country, and today India prides on having one of the most extensive network of quality educational centers spread across the breadth and width of the country. This explains for the growing clout of India as an emerging powerhouse for higher studies, all across the globe. A home to 226 universities, with thousands of colleges affiliated to them, nearly 450 Engineering colleges and technological institutes, a 100 plus medical colleges, scores of agricultural institutes and various other specialized centers of learning and research in every subject and discipline; India can safely be said as the next big thing in global academic world. With a large student base, with augmented acquaintance with English language, India is ready to take on the world academically.

A congenial culture, traditional Indian hospitality, high moral values; coupled with affordable studies, India offers itself as an attractive destination to foreign students for higher studies. The country has played hosts to million of overseas students right from the times when students from as far as Chinese, Sri Lanka, Korea and Middle East used to come Nalanda, Takshashila and Vikramshila to enrich themselves with knowledge and wisdom. The situation has not changed over the years, and even today thousands of overseas students choose India to equip themselves with the most modern education, at prices which are fraction of what one needs to shell in other parts of the world. All this makes India the hottest destination for higher education for those who always make the best decisions.